Big Pack Soundfonts

Big Pack Soundfonts Kit is available for free download via mega. The download size is 216MB in ZIP format. You’ll need Winrar or Winzip to extract the files. You can use these samples into hip hop, trap, urban, crunk, club and more.

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SoundFont is a technique developed by E-mu Society for Creative Labs, to store a file in .sbk size (for SoundFont Bank) and .sf2 (for SoundFont Bank Version) samples in WAV format, then the organize as MIDI instruments so that they can be used on a synthesizer told wavetable.

The SoundFont format requires a hardware or software environment compatible with this format. Creative Labs considers it to be public and to promote its adoption as an open standard by providing documentation and tools for developers and musicians wishing to invest in the use of this format.

Big Pack Soundfonts Compability: Fruity Loops Studio (FL Studio), Ableton, Reason, Garageband, Logic Pro, Pro Tools and any music maker software.

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The Free Soundfonts Kit is only for personal use.