Learn Fl Studio Advanced Technique : Module 2

Learn Fl Studio Advanced Technique Module 2

Hello friends Learn Fl Studio Advanced Technique. I make pdf formations to teach you how you use easily fl studio and start making your first music. the second module consists of 4 lesson pdf.

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Learn Fl Studio Advanced Technique

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About Fl Studio

The Step Sequencer is a window that allows to assemble quickly, by enabling or disabling buttons (called steps) that correspond to a note value, drum patterns, simple bass, etc. The total window Step Sequencer actually corresponds to a pattern, so often a measure, for example. If our Step Sequencer contains 16 steps, for example, each step corresponding to a sixteenth note. A basic knowledge of music theory is obviously an advantage when using FL Studio. When an active step, the instrument of the channel on which we have activated sound just when the display goes on.