Learn Fl Studio Basic Technique : Module 1

Learn Fl Studio Basic Technique

Hello friends Learn Fl Studio Basic Technique. I make pdf formations to teach you how you use easily fl studio and start making your first music. The first module consists of 6 lesson pdf.

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Also you can buy only one leasson.

  1. Learn Playlist / Only for 9,90€
  2. Learn Piano Roll / Only for 9,90€
  3. Menu Tool of Piano Roll / Only for 9,90€
  4. Learn Basic Plugins Only / for 9,90€
  5. Learn Mixer & Effect / Only for 9,90€
  6. Learn Automation / Only for 9,90€

Learn Fl Studio Basic Technique Short Summary

The Playlist is actually the result of visual room suite that was created with FL Studio. To create a room, so to speak, we “place ourselves” patterns in the Playlist in the desired temporal locations. It is possible to juxtapose patterns, take breaks, or mix of non-square and orderly audio clips. we will see that in the formation.

The Piano Roll is the tool for “classical” composers. This is sometimes a more simple way, sometimes more complex to create a pattern, but still more accurate. In addition to the overall view of the keyboard to the left and time by bringing up an overview of the relationship score / time, it allows each note to add to many parameters (flight, pan, velocity, cutoff, pitch, etc. ) within the tool, we will see that in the formation.

The mixer can contain 99 tracks each containing 8 sound effect locations. We can assign one effect to a channel track, but it is possible to connect the output the resulting sound to another effect track, or to the main output, which also can be assigned 8 effects maximum; a channel can receive a considerable number of effects in total. we will see that in the formation.

Automation allows varying over time a parameter of a sound or a setting like volume (useful to create a fade in or fade out), pitch, tempo, panning. We can automate both the parameters of sound effects as those applied to them or even the mixer settings. we will see that in the formation.