Learn Fl Studio Technique Of Realization : Module 3

Learn Fl Studio Technique Of Realization

Hello friends Learn Fl Studio Technique Of Realization. I make pdf formations to teach you how you use easily fl studio and start making your first music. the third module consists of 7 lesson pdf.

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Learn Fl Studio Technique Of Realization

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FL Studio Tips

Key words (often English) used in FL Studio and sometimes in other popular sequencers:

  • Beat note length created by a number of steps defined in the room settings, so by default a black 4 steps
  • Step: smallest visible division in the Step Sequencer, by default a sixteenth note
  • Pattern: series of steps affixed to channels that form a logical time loop
  • Playlist: grid with which structure or the final part consists in adding, deleting or juxtaposing different patterns
  • Channel: contains a sound file created in real time (generator) or pre-recorded (sample, instrument sound)
  • Pitch: the pitch of a note, increase this setting provides a sharper note and diminish the fact backfire, provides a more serious note.
  • Panning: the position of a sound in the sound space from the left channel to the right channel. Varying this setting allows you to place a more or less left or right.